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Chakra 101: A Beginner’s Guide to the 7 Chakras

In science, we learn that energy cannot be destroyed. It can be transferred but never diminished. If you’ve been to a yoga class or practice meditation, you’ve likely already heard about chakras. Passed down through oral histories and Vedic texts in India, chakras are the regions of the body that...

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Distance and Remote Healing with Bio Energy

Distance and Remote Healing with Bio Energy Bio Energy through Distance and Remote Healing Many Bio Energy therapists have been taught how to carry out their sessions through distance but not many have used this method regularly to date. Now more than ever, this skill is highly useful to facilitate...

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Wellness in our Energy Field

Our physical bodies are derived from our Energy Field. To fully maintain health and wellness in our physical bodies, we also need to know how to maintain health and wellness in our Energy Field. Learn how to assess the health of your Energy Field so that your physical body is...

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Bio Energy solutions that All of Humanity Needs.

A good few years ago I lost half of the hair on my head. It gradually fell out piece by piece and I had no idea why. I tried to figure out why this was happening. And was then worried that even my worry was making it worse! I was...

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What is Bio Energy

What is Bio Energy? Everything consists of and exists through energy. It is energy that holds the molecules that make up the human body and creates and contains the unique blueprint for each body. Spirals of energy are located at specific centres in our bodies, namely, the chakras and the...

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