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We offer one hour free workshops in the Dawson Program Corrective Sound Healing therapy.
Workshop content for a free one hour workshop ‘Introduction to the Dawson Program Corrective Sound Healing Course’ includes

Dawson Program Corrective Sound Healing Demonstration
Roots and Branches 5 Element Qi Gong

You will receive access to an online members account where you can review a demonstration of the Dawson Program Corrective Sound Healing technique. This ensures that you can see how this treatment takes place to ensure you have a good understanding as to what is involved in this amazing practice. 

Participants will watch how a Dawson Program demonstration session taking place [online]. 

Participants will receive a distance group healing.

Learn to use the Dawson Program Corrective Sound healing therapy to heal yourself, family, friends and future clients. 

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This workshop gave me a really good understanding of what is involved with the Dawson Program training. I signed up straight away.

I loved this workshop. Helen and Aga are fantastic at explaining what this sound healing does. I've since had a treatment and loved it.

I learned more about what the Dawson Program treatment can do for me and my family. I also hope to start a business and can't wait to do this course.

This workshop is really informative and well worth attending. I am really happy that I have come across this treatment and course.

Really brilliant workshop. Well worth signing up to. I was able to catch this on the replay aswell which made it very easy for me to access.

Lovely to see everyone at the workshop. I undertand how my own energy needs to be balanced for me to have better health. And I can see how this course and treatment would benefit myslef, family and clients.

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