Benefits of Bio Energy

We are faced every day with challenges to our health and wellbeing resulting from the pollution of our environment. The best way to combat this is to be treated with Bio Energy.


Listed below are some of the medical problems Bio Energy can help you with.

• Strengthen the immune system.

• Arthritis, joint & back problems.

• Chronic fatigue

• Migraine

• Balance blood pressure

• Clears many viruses

• Correct many common allergies

• Enhance digestion

• Reduce the side effects of medication

• Balance blood sugar metabolism

• Assist in clearing emotional blockages

• Colds & flu

• Improve concentration and memory

• Normalise hormonal cycles

• Restore the body’s energy flow

And many more….

• The primary aim of the Therapist is to locate the energy imbalances using a series of unique hand movements. Therapists will then proceed to rebalance the energy system which in turn will unlock the natural healing process within a patient’s body.

• Only when the energy has been balanced can the body begin the process of returning to full health.

• Treatment is carried out over four consecutive days and takes place in a private and relaxed environment using a background of specially chosen music that has been found to enhance the treatment.

• Therapists are trained to the highest standards in the area of compassion and caring which is vital to the success of the treatment. Their ability to inspire and empower patients is reflected in the results, which has been well documented in both the National and International Press.

• On the fourth day of your treatment the Therapist will go through an education programme with you, explaining any changes that need to be made regarding visualisation, diet, exercise, rest etc. This is an essential part of the programme and together with the balancing of the energy by the Therapist the correct environment is being created which will allow the body return to better health.

• The aim is to engage patients in a process that gives them an element of control over their own destiny. This will require patients bringing to the process, a commitment of time and effort.

• These treatments are the first steps on the journey to better health and patients must be willing to give the therapy time to work.

• It is also important that you never alter in any way the intake of your medication without medical advice.

• Bio Energy Academy of Dublin prides itself on providing a professional service to you over the course of the four days and beyond.