January 2024

Bio Energy Refresher Course

Refresher training brings participants back through all protocols of the Bio Energy Diploma programme. Participants give and receive Bio Energy sessions over the course of the programme. This course is for Graduates of the Bio Energy Diploma course. 


January 2024

Graduate Mentoring

We provide group mentoring sessions for graduates of the Bio Energy Diploma and Dawson Program course. This provides an opportunity to deep dive into energy topics related to working with clients. It supports the on-going learning and development of our graduates. Participants can join live or through replays. 


February - April 2024

FREE Bio Energy Workshops

Introducing Bio Energy. Learn about the background and process of this amazing healing modality. Learn to read and boost your own energy.  Watch a Bio Energy demonstration take place and get a feel for this amazing treatment for yourself. Learn to Bio Energy to bring healing and balance yourself, family, friends and future clients. 


April - November 2024

Bio Energy Diploma Course

An 8 month, part-time programme which, on completion, enables you to practice Bio Energy on yourself, family, friends and also enables you to secure insurance and practice commercially within your own business. This course is a holistic approach to practicing Bio Energy. Immerse yourself in this way of life, by bringing this deeper knowledge of energy work into your daily experience. 

20 - 22 September 2024

Bio Energy Diploma Course-Training-Healing-Online

Mind Body Experience

Mind Body Experience, Dublin
Bio Energy Demonstrations 

20 – 22 September 2024. FREE Admission. Pre-register here. Ireland’s largest holistic fair. Free admission, 200 exhibitors, 90 free workshops and classes. Online events also available. See here for current online events. 

Demonstrations are provided by Bio Energy Therapists who have graduated from the Bio Energy Academy of Dublin and have private practices as Bio Energy Therapists.

September 2024

Level 1
Bio Energy

Our Level 1 Bio Energy Course will teach you all about the basic principles of Bio Energy, what energy is and how your energy system works. You will learn about the subtle energy fields that support the human body. On completion of this course you can practice Bio Energy on yourself, family, friends and even animals. 

November 2024 - March 2025


Dawson Program Sound Healing Course

The Dawson Program involves using a combination of Vibrational Kinesiology and healing sounds. The method is a mix of ancient knowledge and modern Western knowledge about the body’s anatomy, physiology and pathology. This is a three part training program. On completion you can practice on yourself, family, friends and can also practice commercially within your own business. 

Available all year

Bio Energy Level 1 'Activate' Energy Healing

This is a ‘Self-Paced Online Learning’ Bio Energy Beginner Level 1 programme. This is the only online course available that takes the abstract concept of energy and turns it into an effective, step-by-step approach to optimized health and wellbeing. You can start to practice Bio Energy straight away.


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