Business Skills in Energy Healing

Start up, grow & expand your energy healing business

Starting and growing an Energy Healing business takes time and persistence. Consistently implementing each step, while adapting to the evolving needs of your clients and the market you are in will contribute to the long-term success of your energy healing business.

In this course we focus on the set-up, growth and expansion of your energy healing business. We look at business creation in a holistic way, from practical business mindset, implementing plans, taking action and also the all important energetics of your business. 

Getting You Started and Helping You to Expand Your Business

Selecting a guide for your energy healing business is crucial. We offer tailored advice, insights, and step-by-step guidance based on your unique goals and challenges, ensuring a personalized approach to your business setup, growth and expansion.

The “Business Skills for Energy Healers” course is vital because it equips energy healers with the practical knowledge needed to establish and sustain a successful practice. It covers marketing, client management, legal considerations, financial aspects and the energetics involved in your energy related to the energy of your business, ensuring a well-rounded skill set beyond the healing techniques.


Get Access to the Best Support

Helen O’Flinn is the Managing Director of the Bio Energy Academy of Dublin and the lead tutor in the Business Skills programme. With a background in senior management roles across private and public sector organisations she has also worked as a business consultant and has sat on Boards of Management in an advisory capacity. Helen has worked in Europer, Asia and Africa. Helen currently runs her own private client energy healing practice, a wellbeing educational business and leads the Bio Energy Academy. Helen brings a wide range of business skills and experience to this course and into her teaching and guidance.


Qualifications of your lead tutor

Education Qualifications

Helen holds a Masters in Business Adminstration, Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management, Prince 2 Project Management Certification, International Development Certification and is a Certified Mediator.

Helen is also certified to Diploma and Practitioner level in Bio Energy, Dawson Program Corrective Sounds, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Access Bars and Theta Healing.

Teaching Qualifications and Support Network Connections

Helen is an Educator for the Bio Energy Diploma course and the Dawson Program Corrective Sounds course with the Academy.

Helen is the Chairperson of the Dawson Program Education, Development and Training Support Network (Ireland and UK) and is a Committee Group Member with the Bio Energy Therapists Association of Ireland.

Success steps to achieving your business goals

This course will take you through all aspects of business set-up, growth and expansion stages. Wherever you are in your journey with your business, this course has you covered. 

  • Business set-up: the practicalities of what it is all about. Step-by-step guide to taking action. 
  • Knowing your market: we are all in our own lane but we need connection. Opportunities that are available to support you. We have a whole lot of information and guidance for you in this section. 
  • Steps to Success: knowing where you are now, researching, analysing, prioritising, planning your next steps.
  • Action oriented: how to get to the next level, map it out and keep it simple and doable.
  • Administrative support: data protection, health and safety, record keeping, financial management, all the practicalities of running your business successfully and with ease.

The energy of your business plays a huge part in the success of your business

Knowing how the energetics of your business impacts on the outcomes and success of your business is a massive part of the picture. We show you the practicalities of what this looks like in our day-to-day businesses. 
  • Obstacles to Success: identifying the energies that may be playing a part in your business not moving forward. Learn how to work through these to a positive expanded space.
  • Shine your light bright for all to see: energetically being switched into the right aligned space for you. This is where your people can then easily find you. 
  • Money matters: the need to know, the nice to know, the must do and the all important energy alignment of the value of money. We’ve got you covered to get you to success. 
  • Consistent steps forward: constantly evolving is the aim of the game. We are here to be an expanded version of ourselves. What does this mean in our business. You will learn how to easily identify when your compass needs to be adjusted and how to do that. 

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