Thanks for stopping here and being with us. Our life passion is to share all things Bio Energy with others and to bring this pure and powerful energy treatment to individuals and communities. The Bio Energy treatment process brings healing, wellness and enhanced life vitality to every session. We have a range of workshops, courses and events taking place. We’d love to meet you in person or online and hope we can get to share Bio Energy with you. Feel free to get in touch with us. We’d love to connect with you.



Crown Chakra - Sense of Unity
- Element of Pure Thought


Brow Chakra - Sense of ESP
- Element of Pure Light


Throat Chakra - Sense of Hearing
- Element of Sound


Heart Chakra - Sense of Touch
- Element of Air


Solar Plexus - Sense of Sight
- Element of Fire


Sacral Chakra - Sense of Taste
- Element of Water


Root Chakra - Sense of Smell
- Element of Earth

Courses / Workshops / Events

Whether you are looking to dive straight in to our dedicated Diploma Course, or attend a Workshop, Training Session, or take an Online Course. We cater for all levels of interest.


Introduction to the Bio Energy Diploma Course

Included in workshops: Bio Energy background and process. Bio Energy practical exercises to take home and start using straight away. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Meditation and Mindfulness. Qi Gong. A taster of our Diploma course. 

Bio Energy Diploma Course

Our next class intake dates will be coming soon..

Overview: A part time Course. 8 modules taking place over 8 months.Two weekend days per month. Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 10am to 5pm.  

Bio Energy Events

All our latest and greatest events

Visit Our Events Page for all the latest Events offered by the Bio Energy Academy of Dublin. All events are posted regularly throughout the year.

What Our Graduates Say about Us

Diana Pasquali
Diana Pasquali
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I just graduated from the Academy and I can truly say that this course was an amazing experience for me, it took me into this transformational healing journey. Giving me the tools and knowledge to heal at a very deep level. A big thank you to the wonderful students who were in my group and our amazing tutor Helen and her assistant Aga for this beautiful experience. I highly recommend this Academy​
Courtney Hoare
Courtney Hoare
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The Bio Energy Academy of Dublin is such a great place to study bio energy. Helen who runs and facilitates the course is very knowledgeable and an amazing teacher. I couldn’t recommend the academy enough.
Patricia O'Keeffe
Patricia O'Keeffe
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This diploma course is run by dedicated professional teachers who share their skills, knowledge and wisdom. The course gives the students the tools to become proficient bio energy therapists. I highly recommend this course.
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