Health and Safety Protocols

Health and Safety - Covid19 Policy

If you feel unwell or have any symptoms of Covid, a cold, flu or any other contagious illness, or if you have been in contact with a covid-19 case please do not attend classes. You can schedule to participate online if you like.

We are committed to delivering a clean and safe environment through health and safety protocols

One of our highest priorities is the health, safety, and security of our team members, students, guest lecturers and business partners. COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we live, and we are adjusting our daily operations to fit within the new normal. In response to this, we have reviewed our health and safety processes, received guidance from a health and safety consultant and have developed a new safety protocol.

This safety protocol has been created and is designed to ensure your safety and peace of mind while attending a Bio Energy training workshop, course, event or while giving / receiving a Bio Energy treatment as a student of the Bio Energy Academy.

What are the new protocols?

We have new cleaning and disinfection procedures, increased attention to safety in shared training spaces, protective equipment available, and coordinated response plans with our business partners which are all included in the new protocols. These protocols describe specific processes and measures that are designed to make you feel confident and comfortable when you are attending any of our training or events.

Physical distancing – Implement physical distancing measures

Increase cleaning and disinfecting – Increase cleaning and disinfecting frequency, paying attention to high-touch items (coordinate with our business partners and suppliers)

Air circulation – Ensure access to improved air circulation processes to increase air quality (coordinate with our business partners and suppliers)

Protective barrier – Ensure protective barriers are in place during any practical work practices where applicable

Sanitizing stations – Alcohol-based hand sanitizing and glove stations are provided at the front entrance and within all venues

Coordinated response plans – Ensure coordinated response plans occur with business partners and suppliers

Temperature checks – Administer temperature checks for team members, students, guest lecturers and business partners when legally permitted or required

PPE – Provide team members, students, guest lecturers and business partners with personal protective equipment

Contact Tracing – Ensure contact tracing practices are in place at all times for team members, students, guest lecturers and business partners and are in compliance with data protection and GDPR regulations. Advise of access to the contact tracing app which is accessible here

Personal belongings – Ensure within classroom settings, that personal belongings are stored in a disinfectable bag/container and held in designated areas

Disinfect box – Ensure a “disinfect box” in venues for used stationary items and disinfect them after events

Methods of payment – Offer cash-free methods of payment

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