Releasing and bringing yourself back to balance

Have you been thinking of taking part in our Bio Energy Training? Do you feel nervous sometimes when you think about it? It’s totally natural. When we are about to take a leap forward our mind can try to pull us back to say Whoaaaa!!! this is unknown, unknown territory, how do we know if this is a safe step for us, stay where you are, where you are is known and therefore it is safe! Thanks mind!! This is what our mind is supposed to do. It’s our minds job to protect us and keep us safe. So when it thinks here’s the unknown coming up, it will try to pull us back to the known and to perceived safety. And it can try to pull us back to this perceived safety by throwing up doubts, fears, procrastination, should we make this choice, what if it doesn’t work out etc. This can go on and on. 

We need to have objectivity when this happens. We need to be able to step to the side and bring awareness to what our mind is trying to do. Thank our mind for doing the job it is supposed to be doing. We need to tap into our heart (which is connected to our all knowing soul – a direct connection!) and see what our heart is saying about this step forward we are thinking of taking. When we take this step forward, it is a leap of faith, a leap of faith in following our heart

This work brings you to the edge of your comfort zone.  And what’s out on that edge? Amazingness! Life changes that bring abundance, expansion, knowing, more awareness, deeper levels of consciousness. A deeper connection with yourself, with others, with your choices.

This work postively impacts on all areas of our lives. Energy is everything! Everything is energy!

You will find a deeper connection with your body, your mind, your spirit, your emotions .. the list goes on.

The path and journey that our Bio Energy training brings you on, brings benefit to you and all those around you.

Are you ready to expand, to open your heart to sharing your gifts. If you are reading this, this is on your path for a reason.

Become the true expansion of yourself that you came here to be. Allow all of your creativity to come forward. Bust out of the fears and anything holding you back from shining like the bright and beautiful star that you are.

Allow creation to express through you to expand humanity. This is the part we play when we do this work.

We are here to support you on this journey. This is our passion, our joy, to share this work.

Hear what others have to say about training in this work.  Listen to our Live Chat interviews with our current Diploma students and hear the amazing results they achieve with their clients while they are studying! There really are no limits.

Feel like this could be for you? Connect with us here to find out more about our upcoming courses. 

Share the love, share the passion, share Bio Energy 🌈 .

You can also check out our recent video of Bio Energy in action here.

Love and light,

Helen. xx 

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