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When is the right time to treat your energy and your body to the skills of Bio Energy? When is the right time to bring this knowledge into your life?

Before I had Bio Energy in my life if I had a pain, a tension, a sickness, a mental health challenge, I could go around for days even weeks or months sometimes with the same complaint. I didn’t have the knowledge to be able to tap into my innate knowing. I didn’t know how to communicate with my energy field and my body and mind.

Nowadays, for myself, family, friends and clients, I can immediately tap in to see why a physical, mental, emotional or energetic challenge may be occuring. I can discover the root cause of this. And I can use my Bio Energy skills to release this. 

This benefits me and others in untold ways. My body tries to communicate with me, I listen and I act on it. I bring the release in. This frees up the space where the imbalance was held and allows health and wellbeing to return.

Is now the right time for you to bring this type of practice into your life? and the lives of others you may wish to support? 

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