Bio Energy! An Energetic Support System!

It’s not just about the Bio Energy! If you wish to become a Bio Energy Therapist and train with us, we show you that is about so much more! 

That is the essence of what we teach in our Bio Energy Diploma course. That it’s not just about your Bio Energy practice. Yes Bio Energy is the core, but it needs to be understood and practiced within an energetic support system and structure and that is what we deeply go into within our Bio Energy Diploma course.

Knowing how to practice your Bio Energy movements is one thing. But there are so many supportive practices that we introduce you to, which in turn allow your Bio Energy practice to go so much deeper! There are no limits with the balance that can be achieved with this work. Balance for you and balance for others who you support, young and old.

We introduce you to the core and essence of Bio Energy. We bring a practical approach to energy work! How can energy work contribute to your life in a meaningful way in a moment by moment basis? That is what our training package within our Bio Energy training delivers to you.

Our courses are structured in this way so that you can achieve the very best outcomes for yourself, family, friends and clients with your practice. We train the most competent and confident therapists. Book a session (remote or in-person) here with one of our Graduates and Bio Energy Therapists and see for yourself 😊. Or listen to our Live Chat interviews with our Bio Energy Diploma students and hear about the amazing results they achieve with their clients while they are studying! There really are no limits. 


This training and work becomes a way of being! It opens up so many doors in your life. It is not just about the Bio Energy. We are in the business of Energy and Energy is everything! So while you train with us and receive knowledge of so many aspects of Energy work to support your Bio Energy practice, this translates over to all areas of your life. Relationships, finance, career, health, recreation, self-love .. this list goes onnnnnnn!!!

We love sharing and we love seeing our students and graduates shine and expand through allowing their own creativity to express through them to the fullest. This is an amazing and beautiful journey. So it really is about so much more than our wonderful practice of Bio Energy.

Feel like this could be for you? Connect with us here to find out more about our upcoming courses. 

Share the love, share the passion, share Bio Energy 🌈 .

You can also check out our recent video of Bio Energy in action here.

Love and light,

Helen. xx 

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