You Have Your Own Answers. Strengthen Your Intuition.

Do you believe in signs? When my father passed away we saw rainbows everywhere. Even now when we see rainbows, my family and I share photos with each other of what we see. They remind us of my Dad. They remind us of the love we hold for him. These signs mean something to us.

When Bio Energy comes into your awareness. Does it feel like a sign? When something resonates for us … somewhere within our being we feel a ping, a resonance, a knowing, a flicker or a feeling. We can think, is there something in this for me? What is this something?

We have these fleeting moments all the time in life.. how do we listen to them to know what they are saying?

To tap into this … feel into your heart space.. take deep breaths.. allow your mind to settle .. focus on your breath.. feel grounded .. feel connected to the earth below you.. feel present .. listen to the whispers of your heart.. our ego is quite loud.. but our intuition, our inner guidance, our inner knowing .. is like a soft gentle whisper.. where do you feel this whisper? this feeling in your body?

When you think of the moment .. the fleeting moment sometimes .. when you felt ‘this feels like a sign, a resonance for me’ .. where was this feeling in your body .. allow this whisper to get stronger.. give it your attention .. allow it to come forward .. why is it there?

What it it trying to say to you? What is it trying to guide you towards.. or guide you to do? See if you can feel into it more …

This is one area that we teach you about and guide you through within our Bio Energy Diploma course and training … you have your own answers .. everyone does … we teach you how to access this with ease, on a moment by moment basis in your daily life.

Strengthen your guidance and intuition and see what the signs around you are saying to you.. know how they are guiding you.

Want to join us in our next Bio Energy Diploma course and go deeper into this work? Does this feel like it’s part of your path? Somewhere within your being? Somewhere within your knowing?

Feel like Bio Energy training could be for you? Connect with us here to find out more about our upcoming courses. 

Share the love, share the passion, share Bio Energy 🌈 .

You can also check out our recent video of Bio Energy in action here.

Love and light,

Helen. xx 

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