Distance and Remote Healing with Bio Energy

Distance and Remote Healing with Bio Energy

Bio Energy through Distance and Remote Healing

Many Bio Energy therapists have been taught how to carry out their sessions through distance but not many have used this method regularly to date. Now more than ever, this skill is highly useful to facilitate our clients and prospective clients achieving access to Bio Energy treatments

The issues that our clients look to us to support them with pre-March 2020 have not gone away. Clients are still looking to access Bio Energy treatments. Clients build up a rapport and a level of trust with their Bio Energy therapist and are still looking to receive that same amazing level of care and kindness that was offered pre our current climate. Clients are looking to access their familiar and trusted Bio Energy therapist. As a Bio Energy Therapist, have you been offering distance and remote Bio Energy sessions to your clients? 

With our times changed for now, regarding the logistics and practicalities of one-to-one Bio Energy treatment sessions. How do we now adapt to continue to give access to Bio Energy to our clients and communities? How do we do this where both clients and practitioners feel at ease.  

One way, is through distance and remote Bio Energy sessions. As distance and remote Bio Energy sessions have not always been a regular occurrence, there is a shift that takes place for both client and therapist within their relationship, as they migrate over to this way of having sessions take place. Once this has occurred, the realisation that the same benefits are achieved as if in person takes place. The same impacts are felt as if in person. The feeling of energy and all the reactions that can occur within a Bio Energy session for both the client and practitioner can be the same as if in person. Working through the collective consciousness can provide the same benefits as if we were physically present with each other. 

For someone who hasn’t practiced in this way and for someone who hasn’t received in this way – it can be such a joy to discover that Distance and Remote Healing with Bio Energy is completely effective and as much of a pleasure as it is in person. 

As we enter into a new way of running our businesses for now, it is ever more important that we as a community of Bio Energy Therapists normalise Distance and Remote Healing with our chosen therapy of Bio Energy. That we continue to be the advocates of this treatment as we have always been, even in distance and remotely.

We know the benefits that can be achieved from this treatment. We know the magic that it holds. We know the life changes that can occur for those who receive Bio Energy to support them with such a wide range of mind, body, emotional and mental issues

As we turn our sail in a different direction, we need to continue to promote the amazing therapy that Bio Energy is and to not let it drift because of lack of access for clients. We can continue to give this access by normalising and providing Bio Energy treatments by distance and remotely.

Clients, once they have tried it, love it! Give great feedback and continue to spread the word to others as they normally would when they attend your practice. 

To receive training or refresher sessions on Distance and Remote Healing with Bio Energy, contact Helen O’Flinn, Bio Energy Academy of Dublin [email protected] / +353 (0) 83 0326127 

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