Bio Energy Diploma Course

 Diploma Bio Energy Therapy
 Venue Stella Maris Retreat Centre
Bailey Howth Co. Dublin

The Diploma Course is part time and runs over 8 months, from September 2018 to April 2019. Students attend once a month for two days, Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

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Contact Gemma for any further inquiries relating to our Bio Energy Diploma course :

Email: ghipson@gmail.com


call 087 257 8580

Some of our feedback accounts from our Bio Energy students

The course is no ordinary bio energy course, it is adapted to give you a good knowledge on the workings of the body and mind, and also in how to be intuitive in the gift we have been given to heal. The wide variety of tools we are thought are both inspiring and enlightening. The EFT to tap into positivity matched with the gratitude note book indeed allow us only one direction. Up up and away I feel since I started the course my life’s journey has become ignited again and I am learning how to be awakened to  the inner gifts and use them to heal.

Thank you Gemma for being such a good teacher and kind person

Kind regards


I have enjoyed every minute of the course to date.

In doing the course I feel I am meeting people from different areas and all sharing the same interest.

Bio energy has increased my energy levels, confidence, decision making and well being.

I feel more connected to the universe and aware of the power of it.

I look forward to attending the course each month.

I enjoy practising the therapy and I am amazed of the positive results of the therapy.

Thanks Gemma, have a very Happy Christmas and New Year,