Wellness in our Energy Field



Our physical bodies are derived from our Energy Field. To fully maintain health and wellness in our physical bodies, we also need to know how to maintain health and wellness in our Energy Field.

Learn how to assess the health of your Energy Field so that your physical body is receiving its optimum energy flow. 

Learn how to find energy blocks in your Energy Field and Physical Body. Learn how to clear these energy blocks which then allows the Body and Energy Field to return to balance and wellness and to release disease, stress and trauma.  

What causes energy blocks? Emotional pain, stress in our lives, physical trauma, mental health challenges, toxin/chemical exposure, food intolerances and more. 

Our Bio Energy training will teach you how to find and release these Energy Blocks. 
Our Bio Energy training will teach you how to bring health and wellness to yourself, your family, your friends and your future clients. 

We have an 8 month programme, Part-time, 1 weekend per month. You will receive a Bio Energy Therapy Diploma at the end of this programme where you can then practice Bio Energy on yourself, family, friends and clients within your business. 

Join our next Bio Energy Diploma Course by clicking here. Or join our next Bio Energy workshop by clicking here. To book your place your can also PM or Call/text 083 0326127 ❤️🌟💫

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