Read what our past students have to say about our Bio Energy Diploma Course


I just graduated from the Academy and I can truly say that this course was an amazing experience for me, it took me into this transformational healing journey. Giving me the tools and knowledge to heal at a very deep level. A big thank you to the wonderful students who were in my group and our amazing tutor Helen and her assistant Aga for this beautiful experience. I highly recommend this Academy. Diana Pasquali


The Bio Energy Academy of Dublin is such a great place to study bio energy. Helen who runs and facilitates the course is very knowledgeable and an amazing teacher. I couldn’t recommend the academy enough. Courtney Hoare


I really loved and enjoyed doing bio energy healing course! Was the best decision I made! I met amazing people and thanks very much to Helen and Gemma! Vita Bladina


This diploma course is run by dedicated professional teachers who share their skills, knowledge and wisdom. The course gives the students the tools to become proficient bio energy therapists. I highly recommend this course. Patricia O’Keeffe


The course is no ordinary bio energy course, it is adapted to give you a good knowledge on the workings of the body and mind, and also in how to be intuitive in the gift we have been given to heal. The wide variety of tools we are thought are both inspiring and enlightening. The EFT to tap into positivity matched with the gratitude note book indeed allow us only one direction. Up up and away I feel since I started the course my life’s journey has become ignited again and I am learning how to be awakened to  the inner gifts and use them to heal. Thank you Gemma for being such a good teacher and kind person. Kind regards, Sinéad



I have enjoyed every minute of the course to date. In doing the course I feel I am meeting people from different areas and all sharing the same interest. Bio energy has increased my energy levels, confidence, decision making and well being. I feel more connected to the universe and aware of the power of it. I look forward to attending the course each month. I enjoy practising the therapy and I am amazed of the positive results of the therapy. Thanks Gemma, have a very Happy Christmas and New Year, Catherine



I have read books over the years where people recount that a crisis in their lives ended up bringing them on their true path. A work colleague recommended I go to Gemma for a treatment in Summer 2016. From the outset Gemma gave me full confidence that she could help me. As a result of the treatments I received I found I had more energy and more importantly I was interested in living life to the full. 12 months later I was ready to embark on the training programme. Wow, it has been just amazing. I could not recommend the course highly enough. I especially liked the hands on training where we used the protocols we covered each weekend in a practical sense. It was a privilege to get to know my fellow trainees and I am so grateful to my guinea pigs who volunteered for my case studies. The guest facilitators were really excellent and I learned a huge amount from them and also about myself. Above all Gemma gave her heart and soul to the course, she thought of everything and the venue was amazing. Sharon


I came across an advertisement for a Bio Energy course in the Northside people. It caught my eye because I was looking  for something to improve my life and help others. This course covers all aspects of what you need to know to become a Bio Energy Therapist. The course covers Bio Energy, Qi Gong, Nutrition, Health and Life Coaching. This is the only course that contains all these valuable tools in one. The course is run by a genuine, professional, lady Gemma Hipson. She has put her many years of knowledge and experience into a well structured, fun course. As well as Gemma, there is a team of professional experts that helps deliver the course content such as a Tai Chai Master, Nutritionist and Life Coach. I am delighted that I have completed the course and I believe that Bio Energy is an option to better health and happiness. Fiona  I have been studying Bio energy with Gemma since last October. It has been a very informative course delivered very professionally by Gemma alongside a number of guest speakers who all shared generously of their expertise. The benefits of Qi Gong, EFT, life coaching and talks on nutrition not to mention the bio energy we received during our weekends has made a huge impact on my life. I am so glad I opted for this course and would highly recommend it to others. Ann Marie


I would highly recommend this Bioenergy course as I have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the course. The course emphasises both professional and personal development. The lecturers are highly knowledgeable and disseminate their information and practical experience in an easily understood format.  The student’s wellbeing is always a priority for the course leader. The Bioenergy Therapy works extremely well and this is confirmed repeatedly by clients. The course really does enable the student to integrate body, mind, spirit and soul. Aoife


I am studying the Bio- Energy Diploma course with Gemma. This is an amazing life-changing course based each month in a stunning and peaceful location in Howth. Gemma and her team of experts provide a comprehensive holistic approach to Bio-Energy therapy. The Bio-Energy training is enhanced with additional skills in nutrition, EFT, life coaching and Qi Gong. Gemma provides care and attention to each student and professionally guides us to becoming a fully qualified Bio-Energy therapists. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wishing to learn life skills to improve your well being and to help others. Una


The bio energy course which I have just completed is truly amazing.   It is a very well structured and extremely well presented course.  Bio energy is an very powerful method of balancing energy in the body.  The course is very practical and it also covers the areas of nutrition, self help and self awareness.  This is a course that I would highly recommend since I have benefited from it on a personal level. Tom D


I am currently doing the Bio-Energy Diploma Course.  Firstly, the location is absolutely beautiful – each weekend of the course is a retreat away from the modern world.  The content of the course with a combination of Bio-Energy, Roots and Branches, EFT, nutrition is life transforming.  The tuition given by Gemma and her assistants is excellent and the everyone receives the time and attention necessary.  There is a lovely welcoming warm feeling in each class.  I would definitely recommend this Bio-Energy Diploma Course.  It’s like a whole new beautiful world opens up.  It will change your life! Trish


 I am studying Bio Energy Therapy at the Academy. I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Gemma runs the course with such ease and professionalism in the most beautiful  grounds of Stella Maris Retreat Centre. The course has provided me with the skills and knowledge to become a Bio Energy Therapist and it also includes a myriad of studies which compliment the expert training including EFT, Life Coaching Techniques, Nutrition, Qi Gong and more.   I am extremely grateful to Gemma,  Noirin Fogarty and the other course facilitators for helping me to follow my true life path. I highly recommend this course. Edel Boyle


The location for the course is stunning and inspiring. Also, I really enjoy the additional parts of the course, such as the Roots and Branches exercises, sound healing techniques, and many more. There is a lot of great content overall. Terri


 I am presently attending the Bio Energy diploma course  (tutors Gemma and Rachael), I cannot recommend this particular course highly enough. Small class, a lot of one to one attention, location at Stella Maris is superb, and of course the content of the course has enlightened me and helped me greatly to accept and appreciate my life and enhance it and that of my family. I can honestly say I am a happier person with a completely different outlook on life. Things seem to be working out for me and I put this down to my education in Bio Energy. I did not know what bio energy was until 3 years ago when a friend recommended it for a member of my family! Kind regards, Carmel


Dear Gemma, I have taken some time to respond to your email asking for feedback on the course particularly as I wanted to have the opportunity to use the tools you have shared with us over the holiday period. When the whirlwind is about to subsume me, I find that just by looking at my serene lavender Bio-Energy folder, always prominently displayed on my bookshelf grounds me immediately. I am full of admiration for how you have drawn on and introduced to us the different modalities pertaining to Bio-Energy. It fills me with eagerness and frustration because I want to learn and be everything right now! Thank you so much for a meaningful and well balanced course. Caroline