Activate Energy Healing Course

Activate Your Inner Healing System And Experience

Better Health & Wellbeing Daily Through Bio Energy

(While Helping Your Friends, Family, Children & Pets, Too!)

Activate Energy Healing is
our ‘Self-Paced Online Learning’ Bio Energy Beginner Level 1 programme. This
is the only online course available that takes the abstract concept of energy and turns it into an effective, step-by-step approach to optimized health and wellbeing. You can start to practice Bio Energy straight away.

There Was A Missing Piece To My Health
And I Needed To Find It In Order To Heal

Bio Energy Diploma Course-Training-Healing
I’ll never forget how I felt the day I was told I had alopecia, an autoimmune condition that causes a person to lose their hair. That’s not the kind of news anyone likes to hear. 
But I did what everyone does when faced with a diagnosis. I sought treatment through mainstream medicine.
And for two years I tried everything I could find to figure out what was going on in my body and get my hair to grow back. 
Don’t get me wrong. Some of the things I tried made me feel a lot healthier … but they didn’t really fix my hair loss. It was like there was a missing piece to the whole equation, and I just couldn’t find it.
As I talked to others, I realised I wasn’t alone. So many of us were seeking all-around better health in many ways, trying everything we could think of, and still falling short.
It wasn’t until I came across Bio Energy that everything changed.

Bio Energy Was The Key To Tapping Into
My Internal Healing System & Correcting
Imbalances That Affected My Health

Bio Energy Diploma Course-Training-HealingAfter just four Bio Energy sessions, my hair started to grow back. I was amazed … and intrigued. I wanted to know more. How had this worked?

I dived deep into studying Bio Energy.

I learned that there are certain points of impact where imbalance, trauma, toxins, and stress are held in the physical body and energy field. This can affect a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing.

By identifying why imbalances occur and pinpointing exactly what is out of balance, balance can be restored. We can have so much more control over our health and wellbeing than we may realise!

Bio Energy was the perfect complement to the mainstream medical treatments and alternative therapies I had tried. When I discovered that I could learn how to practice Bio Energy on myself and my loved ones, a fire was lit inside of me. I had discovered my calling.

I Know What You're Thinking Right Now

"That's great for you Helen, but ...."

“… I don’t know how to use Bio Energy to help my family, friends or myself.”

“… I don’t fully understand the concept of energy and how to use it.”

“… I tried learning about energy work before, but it seems so abstract. I don’t know how to use what I learn.”

If any of the above statements resonate with you, I want you to know one thing.

Anyone Can Practice Bio Energy To Achieve
Daily Optimised Health And Wellness

Bio Energy exists, and tapping into the internal healing system to correct imbalances and release stress, toxins and trauma is the key to daily mental, physical, spiritual and energetic health and wellbeing.

The problem is, no one’s talking about how to take an abstract concept like energy healing and turn it into a practical format that anyone can learn and practice on their own.

But what if there was a way to practically apply it in your day-to-day life? A way to turn Bio Energy healing into a structure with processes that work from anywhere on anyone?

There Is! I’ll Show You The Systems
& Tools You Need!

Bio Energy Diploma Course-Training-Healing

I’m the Managing Director of the Bio Energy Academy of Dublin and the Founder of Helen O’Flinn Holistic Wellbeing.

My passion in life is sharing my skills and experience so that others can have the most optimal experience in their health and wellness journey.

And YOU can do this for yourself and others too!

A deep and profound wisdom exists within all of us and is accessible to all of us.

Anyone can use Bio Energy tools to support themselves and others on a daily and moment-by-moment basis.

This is my passion, to teach Bio Energy and share a practical way to take an abstract concept and apply it as a step-by-step approach that works in daily life.

Introducing Activate Energy Healing

The Only Online Self-Led Bio Energy Course That Turns The
Abstract Into A Step-By-Step Practice For Daily Health
Bio Energy Diploma Course-Training-Workshops-Online

Activate Energy Healing is a self-led online course that helps people better understand the basic fundamentals of how energy works.

It enables a student to practice Bio Energy, a physical energy healing modality that can be practiced remotely or in-person, on family and friends only.

This programme walks you step-by-step through:

What Is Bio Energy

What Bio Energy is, where it comes from, and how it impacts the human body

Apply What You Learn

How to apply and integrate the course material in a practical way in your daily life. This is more than just theory. The magic is in the practice, and this course shows you how

Take Control Of Your Own Health & Wellbeing

How to take control over your own health and wellbeing. You’ll learn how to activate your own inner healing system by reading the balances and imbalances in the physical body right down to cellular level

The Tools To Support Yourself & Others

The tools you need to support yourself and others on a moment-by-moment basis to ensure you have optimum health and wellbeing on a mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and energetic level.

Practicing Bio Energy On Yourself & Others

Practicing Bio Energy on yourself and others, including children and animals. This course enables you to practice on family and friends only, not for commercial practice.

* Students can achieve a certificate at the end if they complete and pass the quiz at the end of the programme. The course does not enable students to practice commercially with the content.

Here’s What’s Included …

Bio Energy Diploma Course-Training-Healing

Activate Energy Healing Video Trainings  (€613 Value)

Activate Energy Healing includes 14 modules broken down into 27 videos that walk you step-by-step through how to use the practice of Bio Energy in partnership with other wellbeing skills to bring balance, health and wellness to your daily life. It also provides you with skills to support your family and friends with your practice. Videos are stored inside a private membership area and available for you to watch at your own speed whenever it fits your schedule best.

The programme covers:

●     Lesson 1:  Welcome
●     Lesson 2:  Background to Energy Work
●     Lesson 3:  Your Energy & Your Body
●     Lesson 4:  The Electrical Fields
●     Lesson 5:  Getting Ready to Practice
●     Lesson 6:  Energy Hygiene
●     Lesson 7:  Remote Energy Healing

●     Lesson 8:   Bio Energy Movements
●     Lesson 9:   Working With Children
●     Lesson 10:  Working With Animals
●     Lesson 11:  Self-Care Toolkit
●     Lesson 12:  Take It Further
●     Lesson 13:  Course Evaluation
●     Lesson 14:  Quiz/Certification

Bio Energy Diploma Course-Training-Workshops-Online

Activate Energy Healing Guidebook    (€245 Value)

This programme comes with a downloadable text version of the video trainings so you can follow along or take it with you and read on the go.

Bio Energy Diploma Course-Training-Workshops-Online

Private Online Community Access       (€123 Value)

This programme also gives you 24/7 access to our private Facebook community, where you can ask questions and join in the discussion about Activate Energy Healing.

Bio Energy Diploma Course-Training-Workshops-Online

Activate Energy Healing Certification Available                                          

(€134 Value)

Want to share your newfound skills with friends and family? Complete the quiz at the end of each lesson and earn a certificate upon completion.

* For personal use with friends and family only. Not for professional practice.

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Total Value €1,115
Regular Price €426

You Pay Just €377!

(Or two payments of €194)

About The Instructor, Helen O’Flinn


After practicing for many years as a senior corporate management professional in leadership and organisational development and change management, Helen O’Flinn discovered a passion for complementary holistic therapies that promote optimal wellbeing and self-healing.

Today, she is the Managing Director of the Bio Energy Academy of Dublin and the Founder of Helen O’Flinn Holistic Wellbeing. Her passion in life is sharing her skills and experience so that others can have the most optimal experience in their health and wellness journey.

Helen holds a Diploma in Bio Energy Healing. She is also a certified Theta healing practitioner, certified Mindfulness practitioner, certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, certified Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) practitioner, certified Access Bar practitioner and certified Dawson Program Corrective Sound therapy practitioner

Here’s What My Clients Have
To Say About Working With Me

“I can’t thank my son Abhishek enough for introducing me to your healing sessions. What an awesome experience. Healings that you sent Vijay during his most crucial time of illness helped him recover fast. Me too, always living in fear and anxiety, your sessions changed my way of thinking. I feel so much better physically and mentally too. Thank you Helen for always being there for us. Me and Vijay are grateful to you and we are the blessed ones to know you. Keep up the good work.”
Preeti and Vijay
India and Canada
“I have had a number of sessions with Helen and I found them to be extremely relaxing and they really helped with my sleep. I had a bacterial throat infection and after one session with Helen it was gone the next day. I would highly recommend Helen as a therapist and I have recommended her to family and friends. If I ever have any health issues Helen will be the first person I will call.”
“I did a programme of treatment with Helen and was blown away with how quickly I felt relief from the leg and hip pain that I’ve had for so long. It has been life changing for me to feel free of the pain. I can do long walks again which I really missed. Thank you Helen for the work you have done with me. And I have all my exercises to do at home which help me to feel full of energy each day now.”
“I have had two healing sessions with Helen O'Flinn. She is extremely professional and is very thorough asking questions before and after receiving the healing. This was all done on zoom and I could feel the energy and what she was working on despite working online. I felt very safe and supported throughout the process. I would highly recommend Helen if you need a holistic treatment that can support your well-being and mental health.”
A Cahill
“I had skin problems all my life mainly on my face and arms. After sessions that I’ve done with Helen, these have completely cleared up. I found out why my skin issues had happened and know how to avoid this happening again in the future now. It has helped me in my confidence with other people and I feel a new lift in my life. I’d highly recommend going to Helen for treatment if you have any skin issues to be looked at.”
“This was my first experience of remote healing and I found it to be very effective. My sleep pattern improved very quickly after the session. I would recommend Helen’s treatment. I also practice her Qi Gong five minute energy boost in the morning which I find very effective.”
“I was experiencing much trauma and distress towards the final months of 2020. I was recommended by my daughter to link in with Helen. I was glad that I did so. I had a number of sessions with her via Zoom. She attended to me with empathy, understanding and soulfulness. Her holistic approach was what I needed. I continue to draw on some of the practices that she recommended in my recovery path.”
Tony MacCarthaigh
“I attended 4 sessions of bio energy with Helen O’Flinn recently. I found them to be very effective and was blown away by how well it worked for me. Helen made me feel at ease straight away and explained how the session would go. I would highly recommend Helen if you’re looking for a positive experience of bio energy. I plan to book more sessions with Helen in the future.”
“My migraines have vanished and I’ve been free of them for months now. I’ve had them for as long as I can remember. Helen was able to help me locate when these had started and was able to link them to certain things in my life. During our sessions I felt lighter and lighter and better and better as we went along. I can honestly say that I feel my life has changed so much now. Things just feel easier. Not only are my migraines gone, but I feel like I’ve got so much more benefit from my treatment than I ever expected. Thanks Helen and yes I will keep up the homework exercises as these make me feel so good each day.
“I am happy to report that I had 3 sessions of bio energy with Helen O’Flinn In Jan/Feb 2021. I had not known what to expect but was happy to relax and receive whatever healing was coming to me via Helen’s work. I did experience some energy shifts in my body which was mostly on my left side in the first session ... in subsequent sessions I was able to go into deep rest and relaxation... it was not so much what I noticed in my body as much as the confirmation that came from my dreams after the work. I feel as if the blockages Helen identified in my body and cleared, were confirmed in my dreams. It was great to believe that blockages which were buried were being released and energy was freed up. I did recommend Helen to family members and friends, all of whom were happy to say it was a very positive experience. I believe I will ask for further sessions if I feel the need again, Blessings and gratitude!”
“I retired in March 2019 and I found it difficult to deal with the transition from work to retirement. I worked for 41 years and had my daily routine which I was happy with. Over the summer of 2019 I enjoyed the free time in the sunny weather. Then the winter arrived, and I gradually started to feel emotional and just down in myself. Helen was recommended to me as a person I should seek support and help from. I attended Helen for several sessions over that winter. During our sessions she performed EFT, Bio Energy, and the Dawson Programme Sound therapy. These greatly help to alleviate my mood and over time I began to feel much better. Helen is an empathetic person and gave me excellent support when I needed it. She listened to understand my concerns and always made me at ease during our sessions. She then undertook the appropriate therapy for the mood and situation I described. At the end of our sessions, I had the mental strength to plan out new activities and set about establishing new routines for my days. Today I am in great physical and mental health and thoroughly enjoying this stage of my life. Thanks, Helen, for all your support. Very much appreciated.”
Ollie Brennan

Buy Now And Save €49 Off The Regular Price!

Total Value €1,115
Regular Price €426

You Pay Just €377!

(Or two payments of €194)

What Happens If You Don’t Join?

You have two choices right now.
Do Nothing


You could decide not to purchase the Activate Energy Healing program and keep trying to achieve balanced health on your own.

But you’ll be stuck without a practical approach to using energy that works in day-to-day life. The problem is, unless you change something, nothing will change. You can expect is more of the same.

⦁ Stress
⦁ Negative emotions
⦁ Nagging health issues
⦁ Frustration at not being able to help loved ones
⦁ Back and forth with traditional medicine

Take Action


Or you could take action now and dive into Activate Energy Healing. You’ll learn my structures and processes for balancing energy fields so you can …

⦁ Release stress, toxicity, trauma, emotions, and more
⦁ Enhance current daily health and wellbeing practices for better results
⦁ Help family members and friends who struggle with their health
⦁ Complement mainstream medical treatments or therapies
⦁ And so much more!

Who Is This Offer For?

This offer is perfect for you if you want to:

⦁ Learn the skills to support the activation of your innate healing system
⦁ Fully understand how the body and energy field interact and are connected
⦁ Have more control over your health and well being on a day-to-day basis
⦁ Boost the results of existing medical treatments and well being practices
⦁ Release past trauma, stress, environmental toxins, food intolerances, and negative emotions
⦁ Help family and friends with all of the above

But not if you …
⦁ Want a magic button or quick fix for your health. This work is about consistency. 
⦁ Wish to practice Bio Energy Healing commercially. (Activate Energy Healing is a great place to start, but to practice commercially, you’ll need the Bio Energy Healing Diploma programme.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to use this material straight away?

Yes. The information in Activate Energy Healing is practical and applicable. I encourage you to practice what you’ve learned as you go through the lessons.

How does what is taught in Activate Energy Healing benefit me and others?

This program will enable you to bring balance to the energy field and physical body of anyone you practice this treatment on, including yourself.

Does this program equip me to practice this commercially?

Activate Energy Healing is structured in a way to enable you to work on family and friends only. To practice commercially, please see our full Bio Energy Diploma course.

How long are the video lessons?

Each video lesson lasts an average of 6 minutes with practicum that lasts around 40 minutes.

Do I need to have any experience in order to complete this program?

No prior experience is needed. We start at the beginning and take you through the basics of energy work and bring you on a journey with this training that enables you to use the content and practice Bio Energy on yourself or friends and family straight away.

Do I need to have experience of energy work or know about energy to take this course?

We take you through this course in a step-by-step way, starting at the basics and building up from there. Whether you’re an expert in energy or have little to no energy knowledge, this course is for you. The course is structured to fit the model we use with energy work, so everyone starts at the foundation building blocks and builds up from there. As you go, you’ll grow in confidence and ability.

What happens if I have questions?

You have access to a Facebook group as part of this course. This link will be sent to you in the welcome email and is also available on your course introduction page. You’ll also find contact information for us in the course platform.

Buy Now And Save €49 Off The Regular Price!

Total Value €1,115
Regular Price €426

You Pay Just €377!

(Or two payments of €194)
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